Important Update — Ontario Shutdown

Many Winter 2021 term postsecondary programs will move to a fully online delivery for the first 2 weeks of classes (Jan. 11 – 22).  Some programs will begin on-campus as previously scheduled — see program exception list.— All students will begin classes on Jan. 11, regardless of delivery method.

The primary online resource is

The course begins on Monday, January 11th, 2021, and runs to Friday, April 23, 2021.  As of January 25th, lecture videos are online, labs take place in L117.

Course Description

You will develop a network-capable embedded system using an industry-standard platform, protocols, and software tools. The course will also focus on security concerns and other practical issues facing Internet-connected devices.

Week 1

Unit 1: Intro to WWW


Week 2

Due Date:

  • Lab Zero: January 22nd

Unit 2: Basic HTML


Week 3

L117 will be open this week (starting Jan. 25)

Lab 1 is due this Friday (Jan. 29)

Unit 3: Basic CSS



Week 4

Lab 2 is due this Friday (Feb. 5)

Unit 4: Images


Unit 6: More CSS

Unit 6 Code

Unit 7: Page Layout with CSS

Two-Column Layout

Note: all links within each page result in 404's

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Lab 3 is due Friday, Feb. 19

Lab 4 is due Monday, Mar. 1

Forms: Unit 9 Code

Introduction to PHP

Forms Using PHP

More Unit 10 code

  1. Visitor form example — uses the HTML5 required attribute; and label, fieldset, legend, and datalist elements.
  2. Brochure form exampleView source uses the required attribute, combined with a PHP function to indicate required fields.
  3. Brochure form example 2 View source — inlined CSS into PHP function, plus added PHP code to "process itself".
  4. All HTML5 input types:
  5. Comment form example — uses JavaScript to pre-process (validate) the form inputs.


Mid-Term Break: March 1—5

Week 8

Midterm Exam takes place this week, in L117, from 2:30-4:30 PM, on your scheduled lab day:

  • Section 01:  Wednesday, March 10th

  • Section 02:  Monday, March 8th

  • Section 03:  Friday, March 12th

Week 9

Raspberry Pi labs begin this week in L117

Raspberry Pi materials

Raspberry Pi Links

Week 10

Quiz 4 is on Thursday, March 25

Lab 5 is due this Friday (Mar. 26)

Raspberry Pi materials — updated Beginner's Guide and Python template are here

Sense HAT Links

Python Links

Week 11

No Friday lab this week (April 2 is Good Friday)

JpGraph materials

Requests []

Requests is an elegant and simple HTTP library for Python, built for human beings.

MQTT Links

Week 12

Quiz 5 is on Thursday, April 8

Lab 6 is due this Friday (Apr. 9)

Week 13

Week 14

updated Thu Mar 25 2021:  corrected exam dates

Lab 7 is due this Monday (Apr. 19)

Final Exam takes place this week, in L117, from 2:30-4:30 PM, on your scheduled lab day

  • Section 01:  Wednesday, April 21st

  • Section 02:  Monday, April 19th

  • Section 03:  Friday, April 23rd