CTEC1767 Data Communications and Networking

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Wikipedia RS-232

Wikipedia FTP


Introduction to TCP/IP
TCP/IP Terminology
Suite Service Overview
TCP/IP vs. OSI Reference Model
Networks and Routing
IP Addressing
TCP/IP Networks and Subnets
World Wide Web Is Client/Server
Types of Internet Connections
Web Server Configuration
Introduction to Electronic Mail

Labs and assignments

There are ten (10) lab exercises, each worth 2%:

Lab #1 Null Modem2%
Lab #2 ipconfig, route, netstat, ...2%
Lab #3 Ethernet Cable2%
Lab #4 FTP2%
Lab #5 FTP Server2%
Lab #6 SSH2%
Lab #7 Windows Peer-to-Peer2%
Lab #8 Windows Remote2%
Lab #9 Linux2%
Lab #10 Wireless and IP Routing2%

Reading & Reference Material

1.Employ various data communication methods.
  Wikipedia Communication theory
Wikipedia Communications system
Wikipedia Data communications
Wikipedia Data transmission
Wikipedia Communications protocol
Wikipedia Code
Wikipedia Error detection and correction
Wikipedia Local area network
Wikipedia Campus area network
Wikipedia Metropolitan area network
Wikipedia Wide area network
Wikipedia IEEE Standards Association
Wikipedia Outline of telecommunication
Wikipedia Portal:Telecommunication
Wikipedia Telecommunication
Wikipedia History of telecommunication

Wikipedia List of telecommunications regulatory bodies
Wikipedia Telecommunications in Canada
Wikipedia Internet in Canada
Wikipedia Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Wikipedia Telecommunications Act (Canada)
Wikipedia Telecommunications in the United States
Wikipedia Federal Communications Commission
Wikipedia International Telecommunication Union
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Wikipedia International Electrotechnical Commission

Wikipedia Narrowband
Wikipedia Wideband
Wikipedia Broadband
Wikipedia Modem
Wikipedia Cable modem
Wikipedia Broadband Internet access

Wikipedia Plain old telephone service
Wikipedia Public switched telephone network
Wikipedia PSTN network topology
Wikipedia Telecommunication circuit
Wikipedia Dedicated circuit
Wikipedia Demarcation point

Wikipedia ISDN
Wikipedia Basic Rate Interface
Wikipedia Primary Rate Interface
Wikipedia SONET
Wikipedia VPN
  1.1 Set up a data communications/terminal emulation program to provide communication between personal computer (local) and server (remote) using null modem connections and to transfer files.
  Wikipedia Computer terminal
Wikipedia Serial port
Wikipedia Data Terminal Equipment
Wikipedia Data circuit-terminating equipment
Wikipedia Serial transmission
Wikipedia Communication software
Wikipedia Terminal emulator
Wikipedia Personal computer
Wikipedia Null modem
Wikipedia File transfer
Wikipedia Electronic Industries Alliance
Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
Wikipedia RS-232
The RS232 Standard
Connecting the Console Port to a PC
  1.2 Differentiate between various data communications media.
  Wikipedia Transmission medium
Wikipedia Communications channel
Wikipedia Electromagnetic radiation
Wikipedia Conductive
Wikipedia Network cable
Wikipedia Cable
Wikipedia Wire
Wikipedia Coaxial cable
Wikipedia RG-6
Wikipedia Category 3 cable
Wikipedia Category 5 cable
Wikipedia Category 6 cable
Wikipedia Category 7 cable
Wikipedia Optical fiber connector
Wikipedia Power line communication
Wikipedia On-premises wiring
Wikipedia Riser cable
Wikipedia Wireless
Wikipedia Wireless network
Wikipedia Microwave radio
Wikipedia Broadcast radio
Wikipedia Packet radio
Wikipedia Copper wire
Wikipedia Optical fibre
Wikipedia Twisted pair
Wikipedia Optical communication
Wikipedia Fiber-optic communication
Wikipedia CSMA/CD
Wikipedia Token ring
Wikipedia Token bus network
Wikipedia Ethernet
Wikipedia FDDI
Wikipedia Circuit switching
Wikipedia Message switching
Wikipedia Packet switching
Wikipedia Cell relay
  1.3 Analyze information sent in both asynchronous and synchronous formats.
  Wikipedia Bit
Wikipedia Digital signal
Wikipedia Analog signal
Wikipedia Bit rate
Wikipedia Baud
Wikipedia Bandwidth (computing)
Wikipedia Signal bandwidth
Wikipedia Throughput
Wikipedia Channel capacity
Wikipedia Goodput
Wikipedia Frequency
Wikipedia Asynchronous communication
Wikipedia Comparison of synchronous and asynchronous signalling
Wikipedia Multiplexing
Wikipedia Frequency-division multiplexing
Wikipedia Time-division multiplexing
Wikipedia Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Wikipedia FDMA
Wikipedia Time-division multiple access
Wikipedia Code division multiple access
Wikipedia Amplitude modulation
Wikipedia Frequency modulation
Wikipedia Phase modulation
Wikipedia Quadrature amplitude modulation
Wikipedia Simplex communication
Wikipedia Half duplex
Wikipedia Forward error correction
Wikipedia Parallel communication
2.Administer and operate a computer network.
  2.1 Configure and connect a computer to the Internet using a direct IP connection using various data communications media.
  Wikipedia Internet
Wikipedia Intranet
Wikipedia History of the Internet
Wikipedia Category:Internet governance
Wikipedia Internet organizations
Wikipedia Internet Protocol Suite
Wikipedia Internet Society
Wikipedia Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Wikipedia Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
Wikipedia Internet Engineering Task Force
Wikipedia Routing
Wikipedia Private network
Wikipedia Internetworking
  2.2 Use command line and GUI file transfer programs to send and receive files over the internet.
  Wikipedia Command line
Wikipedia GUI
Wikipedia File Transfer Protocol
Wikipedia Secure Shell
  2.3 Demonstrate the OSI (open systems interconnect) layered communications model as it relates to real computer networks.
  Wikipedia International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Wikipedia OSI model
  2.4 Explain how and why to use different OSI layer devices and media when planning a data communications network.
  Wikipedia Network bridge
Wikipedia Router
Wikipedia Firewall (computing)
  2.5 Efficiently use the WWW (world wide web) to search for information related to data comm.
  Wikipedia World Wide Web
Wikipedia Web search engine
Wikipedia World Wide Web Consortium
  2.6 Design, install and configure a Local area network (LAN).
  Wikipedia Network topology
Wikipedia Peer-to-peer
Wikipedia Server (computing)
Wikipedia Client (computing)
Wikipedia Client-server
Wikipedia Network management
Wikipedia Comparison of network monitoring systems
Wikipedia Physical security
Wikipedia Computer security
Wikipedia Computer insecurity
Wikipedia Application security
Wikipedia Network security
Wikipedia Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver
Wikipedia Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Wikipedia Power line communication

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