Directs Windows NT to a line in a batch program marked by a label you specify.

The goto command directs Windows NT within a batch program to a line identified by a label. When Windows NT finds the label, it processes the commands beginning on the next line.

goto label 


Specifies the line in a batch program to which Windows NT should go.

Valid values for label

The label parameter can include spaces but cannot include other separators, such as semicolons or equal signs.

Goto uses the first eight characters of each label

The goto command uses only the first eight characters of a label. Therefore, the labels ":hithere01" and ":hithere02" are both equivalent to ":hithere0".

Matching the label parameter with the label in the batch program

The label value you specify on the goto command line must match a label in the batch program. The label within the batch program must begin with a colon.

If your batch program does not contain the label that you specify, the batch program stops and Windows NT displays the following message:

Label not found 

Windows NT recognizes a batch-program line beginning with a colon (:) as a label and does not process it as a command. If a line begins with a colon, Windows NT ignores any commands on that line.

Using goto for conditional operations

Goto is often used on the same command line with other commands to perform conditional operations. For more information about using goto for conditional operations, see the if command.


The following batch program formats a disk in drive A as a system disk. If the operation is successful, the goto command directs Windows NT to a label named "end".

echo off 
format a: /s 
if not errorlevel 1 goto end 
echo An error occurred during formatting. 
echo End of batch program.