Lab #5 — Linux Installation

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Note:  All files will be available in L17 on USB 3.0 flash drives.  Download these files only if you want to work outside of L17 or away from the College.

Linux ISOs


Version 5.2.12

NOTE: This is the same version that is installed under the L17 No Hyper-V Windows 10 image.

Version 5.2.20

NOTE: This is the latest version as at Wed Oct 17 13:45:34 EDT 2018

SHA-256 Sums


Ubuntu Links


CentOS Links


Oracle VirtualBox Links


I prepare my LibreOffice documents using the Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mono fonts.  These can be downloaded (for Windows and Mac computers) from

Screen shot of installing Ubuntu fonts in Windows 10 [PNG; 156,328 bytes]

I have packaged these fonts, along with some Microsoft-compatible fonts, for installation on CentOS:

Font Installation

cp ~/Downloads/fonts.tar.bz2 /tmp
su -
cd /tmp
tar jxf fonts.tar.bz2
cd fonts
cd ..
rm -rf fonts*

Using a USB Drive

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