Shell Scripts

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More Shell Script Examples

added Tue Dec 11 2012
Linux magic [15 bytes] The required first line
Linux hello [100 bytes] The classic "Hello World" program
Linux comment [324 bytes] A shell script comment template
Linux args [374 bytes] Demonstrates arguments in UNIX shell scripts
Linux argshift [1,238 bytes] Demonstrates the shift command
Linux argshift2 [1,250 bytes] Demonstrates shifting and looping
Linux confirm [477 bytes] Demonstrates the read command
Linux confirm2 [1,015 bytes] Improved version of confirm script.
Linux confirm3 [450 bytes] Improved version of confirm2 script.
Linux dirsearch [540 bytes] Search the specified directory for subdirectories
Linux dols [127 bytes] Using a for loop to run a command on all files provided on the command line
Linux func [493 bytes] Using shell functions
Linux [239 bytes] Shell script version of basic Lab #4 batch file.
Linux [223 bytes] Alternate shell script version of basic Lab #4 batch file.
Linux [1,449 bytes] Shell script version of full Lab #4 batch file.
Linux page [463 bytes] Use the appropriate program to display text files one screenful at a time.
Linux reader [179 bytes] Demonstrates the read command.
Linux reader2 [173 bytes] Improved version of reader script.
Linux reader3 [243 bytes] Improved version of reader2 script.
Linux repeat [170 bytes] Demonstrates a loop.
Linux tarball [1,016 bytes] Program to create, extract, and list tarballs.
Linux whois [370 bytes] Find user's real name from login name.
Linux whois2 [319 bytes] Improved version of whois script.
Linux whois3 [357 bytes] Improved version of whois2 script.
Linux whoisd [642 bytes] Debuggable version of whois script.
Linux debug.aliases [708 bytes] Helps to debug shell scripts. Works with whoisd.

Download all examples from the table [tarball; 5,231 bytes].

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