Favourites Icon

This page contains a <link> element in the <head> section to load a favourites icon.

Favourites icon
Favourites icon, created in Microsoft Visual Studio

The icon should be visible in the tab of a modern web browser.

The icon was created using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.


  1. Find or create an image suitable for your web site favourites icon.  Ideally, the image should be square.

  2. Open the image in a paint program, or in Visual Studio.

  3. Resize and/or crop the image to 32 × 32 pixels.

  4. Select the image and copy it to the Windows clipboard.

  5. In Visual Studio, create a new icon file from the "File" menu — "New File...".

  6. By default, Visual Studio icons have 32 × 32 and 16 × 16 images, but both are only 4 bits-per-pixel (bpp) colour depth — only 16 colours.

  7. From the "Image" menu, choose "New Image Type..." and add a 32 × 32, 8 bit image type.

  8. Paste your copied image into the new image type in the icon editor.

  9. For the two default image types, click on each one, and from the "Image" menu, choose "Delete Image Type".

  10. Save the icon file.  The filename does not necessarily have to be favicon.ico, but some older browsers look for this particular filename.