McCormick Deering BN

Pictures not available yet The BN is a (cough) narrow version of the rather wide B Farmall tractor, which is in turn a row crop version of the ever popular Farmall A. The B and BN were also the forerunners of the Farmall C (which has a centre mounted operator position rather than the offset 'cultivision' position enjoyed by the others).

Although evidently very few BN's were ever produced I do know of a number in Ontario. This is most likely due to the large popularity enjoyed by the A, B, and C series tractors used to cultivate the large tobacco fields that once spread accross Central Ontario.

The three furrow semi-mount was purchused at the same time. The International in the background with my Grandfather at the wheel, was used to unload both. Let me just say its a bit unsettling to see a decent sized tractor dangling from a front end loader...

The narrow tractor is about 7' wide. Unfortunatly the wheels had been set out to their widest tread, before it was parked. As you can see in the above photo, the rear tires are just barely touching the deck of the trailer, with most of the tire hanging in space. Farmall BN front profile
Pictures not available yet I'm currently in the process of restoring this tractor which I bought in mid 2001 at a auction in Stevensville.
Umm... I parked it here some place...

I'll be adding more photos as well as the tractor's history
Farmall BN front profile

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