John Deere 820

Arrival of JD820 This fine specimen of John Deere's best is one of only 4 820's ever sold brand new in Ontario Canada. This one saw service in mills for most of its life hence its almost amazing original condition.
Dad unloads the new prize.
Mom not understanding the significance takes a picture of him rather than the tractor...

Dad and the 820
Arrival of JD820 Joyriding while Meg looks on seemingly unimpressed with the lack of attention due her.

As you can see, Mom has been at work again.
The huge reciprocating mass of the twin cylinders, combined with the weight of this mighty machine make it almost impossible to stall.
HP is meaningless when talking about this tractor. I once saw an 820 at the show pull the full length of the track. You just can't stop something with that much combined torque and traction.

I'll be adding more photos as well as the tractor's history
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