McCormick Deering W4

Pictures not available yet Although a rare machine in some of the States, Ontario Canada is crawling with good ol' W4's, and some wonderful restorations make it out to the shows every year. Its no mistake that we are well blessed with W4's, as the Standard Tread version of the H is a great machine to this day for regular farm work. The only drawback being a lack of a 3pt hitch hydraulic system.

Currently we have two in the process of restoration, one bought by my Grandfather, and used on the farm for decades. After sitting unused for years my father fixed the old girl up and used it for many more years. Due to a destroyed pistion and cylinder sleeve (Yuck) its currently out of action.

I'll be adding more photos as well as the tractor's history Pictures not available yet

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This page was last updated January 25th, 2002.