COMP184 - Computer Concepts

This is an introductory course offered to all technology students in term 1. It introduces students to Windows, the Internet, and the Visual Basic Programming language. For more detailed information on this course, visit the COMP184 web page.
Students with a wide range of experiences enter this course which makes it very INTERESTING to teach. Some have never touched a computer before while others have years of computer experience at the secondary school or university level.

COMP463 - Communications & Networking 1

This course is offered to Computer/Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology students in their 4th academic term. It introduces students to data communications concepts, with emphasis on local area networking. Students gain expertise in computer-to-computer communications, using Internet utilities, and setting up local area network hardware and software (using Microsoft NT). Students also create a simple web page and load it onto a local web server.
For more detailed information on this course, visit the COMP463 web page.