My Background


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from General Motors Institute in Flint, Michigan (now known as "Kettering University").

Master of Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. Specialization in bio-medical electronics.

Work Experience

1974-Present Niagara College:  I have been a professor at Niagara College since 1974 and still love to teach. One of my proudest achievements was the creation of the Computer Engineering Technology program in 1976. Today's program bears little resemblance to that taught nearly 25 years ago thanks to the ongoing improvements and updating performed by our skilled and knowledgeable teaching staff.

Courses I have taught over the years include:

- computer programming
- electrical fundamentals
- programmable controllers
- computer hardware design
- computer fundamentals
- data communications and networking

1992 USWest Advanced Technologies (Boulder, Colorado): Telecomm Engineer. Designed a telephone handset simulator for use by the Human Factors department. Good microcontroller and ergonomics project!

1990 Changsha University (Changsha, China): Instructor and Curriculum Designer in electronics and industrial process control. This brief (2 month) experience gave me a great opportunity to see how schools in other parts of the world go about providing higher education and showed me how fortunate we are to have easy access to the newest technology.

1984 Canadian Centre for Microelectronics (Ottawa): Telecom Engineer. The experience was invaluable and gave me an opportunity to design products that used microcontroller chips and a range of digital and analog devices. One of my projects actually showed up as a prop in a James Bond movie!

1966-1974 General Motors Canada (St. Catharines, Ontario): Before teaching at Niagara College, I was a co-op student and then later an electrical engineer with General Motors. My responsibilities there included design and maintenance of computer and electronic control systems. This was during the early days of computers, when computers typically had 4K of RAM and programs were stored on paper tape! Visit the L-17 Computer Lab at Niagara College to see an example of one of these early computers ( a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8 minicomputer).


My Interests

The Outdoors:
Sure, technology is great, but it's good to get back in touch with nature. For me, that's a hike through the mountains, camping by a stream, or just watching the birds.  There's nothing better than to climb a 14,000 foot mountain and experience the world from a whole new perspective.


Life History (in a nutshell)

Born in a village near Edinburgh, Scotland

Spent much of my early life in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Now live in the small town of Fonthill, Ontario with my wife, son, and a cat named Willie.