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Edward Van Halen.

This is the guy who sends chills down my spine, whenever he touches a guitar. . . OK, I admit that Ace Frehley was the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place. But then I heard VAN HALEN I!

One day, as part of a bet with the drummer in my band, I put some money down on an Ernie Ball/Music Man EVH model. Nice guitar. I figured, "If it's good enough for Eddie, it's good enough for me." (Ironically, Ed plays a Peavey Wolfgang now, and Ernie Ball/Music Man had to take his signature off their newly renamed Axis model).  (My drummer friend had to buy Ludwig Super Classics!)

My Amp.  Check out my tube amp page.

My guitar is powered by a Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic 50-watt 2x12 combo. Nice amp. It doesn't scream like the top-of-the-line Super Lead Overdrive , but I like it. Purple tolex, blue pilot lamp. Five 12AX7's, a pair of 5881's. It can be warm, it can be in your face if I want it to.Oh yeah,... it goes to eleven ! That's one louder!
Gibson Les Paul Studio

I also own a Gibson Les Paul Studio, like the one shown here, but it's white in colour.

My other gear (some of which I actually use):

Three other influential Canadian guitarists in my playing:  [Canada, eh?]
Click here for a picture of Alex Lifeson of Rush
Alex Lifeson of Rush
Click here for a picture of Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar
Gordie Johnson of
Big Sugar
Click here for a picture of Kim Mitchell
Kim Mitchell

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