Looking from my vintage (free) 70's couch at my centre of 'entertainment'
Much of the electronics gear is reclaimed kit.

The unit itself is home brew (the top is actually an old micro-lab bench top...)
Its not really leaning, thats just my shoddy camera work...


Looking to the right from the couch. The credenza was free and from NRC at one point in its life.
Very, very heavy...

Kitchen Ceiling

Kitchen ceiling from the kitchen floor. The open area covered with the tarp opens up into the stairway for the second floor.
The tarp was put up to reduce the amount of heat flowing from the stairway, and into the kitchen.

Kitchen Ceiling

Another Kitchen shot from the other direction.

Living Room

Living room looking at the bathroom door.

Living Room

Same as above at a different angle.

Living Room Beams

The livingrooms 'new' ceiling looking across into the front room.

Same as above.

Kitchen from Above

Kitchen looking from the stairs above,

Kitchen from Above

Kitchen looking from the stairs above.


Upstairs bedroom. (For those of you wondering where all the books, and mounds of papers are, I had just reassembled the desk)
Thats my 'funky' TELEFUNKEN shortwave/hi-fi system on the self.


Same as above. Thats Marbles the cat's chair next to the window.

Marbles the cat

You guessed it... Marbles the cat on my 'classic' 70's sofa.

Well the work continues...