1971 Chevrolet Nova

Update... The 1971 Nova was exchanged for a large piece of compressed carbon that my wife is now currently wearing. Yes it is sad. Really... you have no idea. But its only a car after all... (Sobbing follows) I can however report that the new owner of the car has restored the car to mint condition, and as a favour to me moved his entire family (and the car) to within 5 min of my home to allow me to keep a watchfull eye over it. For it is, and always will be in my mind, my '71 Nova. (More sobbing)

And no its not for sale... :-)

Front-Drivers Side profile of the Nova This is my baby, my '71 Nova.
Owned by my Father's cousin, it was bought new by her mother who put a meager 30,000 miles on it.
The car was placed in storage in 1984, and then purchused by myself in the spring of 2000.

Yep it's indeed pretty much optionless. Right down to the 'radio delete' which I guess isn't much of a problem anyway... It does however have a 2 speed powerglide tranny, and thank the good Lord, a heater. Unfortunatly it has the old fashioned kind of 'power' steering... you know the kind where you provide the power. (These were a popular granny car in their day, and frankly I wouldn't want to mess with any old lady who spent her day working out on one)

Front of the Nova And Me

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