E. Knebel, P. Eng.

Professor of Electrical Technology


Graduate from HIT and aRegistered Professional Engineer

Have worked as an Engineer in the automotive and the consulting field.  Most of my research and  professional development
is now with computer based motor drives and power quality.

You will usually find me in Room L-16,  the Electrical Power Lab. I teach the generation of electrical energy , transmission of electrcial power, motors,  computer controlled motor drives and power qualtiy.
Electronics and computers now play a major role in the controls  of the electrical industry. Our labs have the latest high technology equipment to communicate and control  motors and other equipment.

                                Computer Aided Drafting    DRFT429
                                Electrical Machines            ELEC423, ELEC535
                                Machine Dynamics            ELEC635
                                Power Distribution             ELEC531
                                Power Quality                    ELEC631

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Power quality
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Drop in to visit us in our lab and find out more about careers in the electrical field. Paul Kendrick is the co-ordinator of the electrical programs and will be able to provide you with detailed program information.

Historical quote: Thomas Edison, inventor of the lamp, said that " success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration."

How to Reach Me
e-mail: eknebel@niagarac.on.ca
 phone: 905-735-2211 ext.7626
 fax: 905-988-4304
 Room L-16
Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technoloy
Box 1005, Woodlawn Road
Welland, Ontario
L3B 5S2